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Fire and Smoke Damage

Regardless of the type of fire or smoke damage you have sustained, most of the structure and property in your home or business are better left undisturbed until professional help arrives.  Your family and friend want to be there for you, however, while having your best interest at heart, simply walking around will likely cause additional damage, and possibly prevent complete restoration.  It's a natural instinct to run your hands across walls and furniture to see the amount of soot


Fire and Smoke Damage

During a fire or furnace malfunction, smoke and soot may go far beyond the area of the fire.  The certified professional at Samons Services, Inc. are trained to determine the extent of the damage.  Emergency crews  will remove water and debris, and do an initial clean-up.  Based on standards set forth by the IICRC, a complete evaluation and testing will be done to create a scope for restoring your home or business to its pre-damage state. 

As with any disaster, family and friends will want to be there for you; like you, they will want to see how much damage there is.  You will want to be cautious here, as simply walking through your home or business will cause additional damage.  Not only are you embedding soot and debris deeper into floors and carpet, your natural instinct will be to run your hand across surfaces and furniture to see just how much soot was left behind.  While doing this will produce results, you may prevent items from being restored back to a pre-damage state, as the natural oils in your skin mix with the soot causing additional damage.

Starting from the area of origin, an expert in the restoration industry will use proper techniques to test the extent of the damage and determine the best methods to restore your property and prevent further damage.  Certified technicians from Samons Services, Inc. utilize these methods to return your property to its per-damage state. 

In many cases, a certified textile restoration company may be needed to restore your restore your clothing, linens, draperies, and such.  As well, a certified electronics company may need to be called in to test your electronics, and a certified company may be called in to test your furnace and clean the duct work.