The Value is in the Quality


Whether you are relocated to an alternate living place or your personal belongings need to be relocated while repairs are being completed, our move out program is right for you.  While our move out program is simple, the crews at Samons Services, Inc. place a great deal of emphasis on this portion of the restoration, as it is an important part of the process.  You can be at ease knowing that your personal belongings are being handled as if they were our own.  We carry Bailees insurance so you can rest assured that if anything does happen to your belongings they are covered.

Your belongings are packed and moved using the same techniques and supplies that professional movers use.  A detailed inventory is completed, noting the condition of your property, which room the items were located, the number of the box or item, and the name of the technician who packed the items.  Each box has a corresponding sheet for easy retrieval of items that you would like to inspect or need to take with you, and also to ensure all of your property is returned to you.  As the inventory and packing are completed, the moving crew carefully loads them on the truck and transports everything to our climate controlled storage facility, located on our property.

If applicable, upon arrival at our facility, your belongings are cleaned and repacked for storage.  Any item that does not clean to a pre-damage state is put aside for inspection and noted accordingly.  All items are then placed in the storage area until repairs are complete.  When you are ready your property is returned.

Move Out Program