The Value is in the Quality



Dear Marge and the girls,

Since July 4, 2011 when you entered our lives wearing your protective clothing and digging through all of our muck and mire, we have called you and considered you "our angels".

In removing the wet insulation and and drywall, the crew was careful to look for and collect bits and pieces of our art and other personal belongings so we could identify what was missing and destroyed. Those things that could be salvaged were carefully boxed and packed, both before and after cleaning, and one year later when we took delivery of the 500+ boxes everything was ready for use and display. We truly feel that you have treated us as family and our things as if they were yours.

Thank you again and again for all your help in a very difficult period. You certainly took away a lot of concerns and anxiety with your professionalism and caring.


Barbara and Bob
Severna Park, MD 21146